Ukrainian Council of Churches calls to respect the choice of others during election

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Peaceful understanding, respect for those who have a different opinion, overriding aggressive competition for the general good are the only landmarks on that beneficial road that fair elections should go along.

This was emphasized by the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations in its Statement on the occasion of 2019 election of the President of Ukraine, according to the Institute for Religious Freedom.

Elections should not lead to outbreak of hatred and social unrest. There is no God's truth in human anger, especially fraught with violence and breach of law. Violence that leads to civil strife should be consciously condemned by every person.

The Council of Churches urges all Ukrainian citizens who have the right to vote to come to the voting stations and consciously discharge their civic duty.

Everyone has to temper his/her feelings and emotions before voting. It is necessary to be totally aware of who and why you elect, what motives you act from; to resolve the question whether this choice is personal, thought over in prayer alone with the Lord, or it is only a consequence of suggestions and manipulations through the use of information technologies, or even worse, the result of bribing.

Before voting for a particular candidate, religious leaders advise a thorough study of both his electoral programme and real achievements, as well as what the powers of the President of Ukraine as head of the state, commander-in-chief and guarantor of the Constitution are. They also advise to sell your vote under no circumstances, since the fate of the country in the coming years depends on the results of these elections. 

It depends on us, to whom we entrust these important, complex and responsible duties; it is our responsibility and our ability to distinguish television projects from real life, candidates’ truthful promises of from deception, what we want from what is really possible.

The leaders of Ukrainian churches and religious organizations wished all the citizens to make an informed choice – in peace and quiet, prayerfully. The choice should not be “against”, but “for” – for good values and the personality who will bring them to life. 

“The choice has to be made. For this, it should first be wrapped in prayer, should be entrusted to Him in whom we all trust in our faith,” declared the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations.

The second round of scheduled election of the President of Ukraine will take place on April 21, 2019. Voting stations will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Institute for Religious Freedom

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