PACE members are concerned about obstacles in construction of Kyiv Jewish Community Center


PACE is concerned about attempts to disrupt the construction of Jewish Сenter in Kyiv


STRASBOURG – 36 parliamentarians from 17 countries of Europe expressed concern over the obstacles in the construction of the Kyiv Jewish Community Center.

A special Written Declaration was made public on June 27, 2012 during a summer session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, reports the Institute for Religious Freedom.

"According to recent alarming news, – the document says, – the construction of the Center is under the threat of stopping because of some claims of Kyiv city authorities and prosecutor’s office to the company that is commissioned to build the Center".

"We are deeply concerned about this fact and express our hope that the issues impeding the construction of the Kyiv Jewish Community Center should be resolved in full accordance with the principles of rule of law and in the spirit of support of humanitarian initiatives in Ukraine, and consider that the involvement of the Assembly will facilitate such a solution," – emphasized the signers of the Declaration.

According to the members of PACE "the project of the Kyiv Jewish Community Center is of great importance". It will house educational and humanitarian institutions to serve both the interests of the Ukrainian society and the development of international humanitarian cooperation.

The text of the Declaration is signed by parliamentarians from the four political groups – the European People's Party (Christian Democrats), the Socialist Group, the European Democratic Group and the Unified European Left Group. The signers represent 17 different European countries – Great Britain, Poland, Spain, Latvia, Moldova, Italy, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania and Cyprus, as well as Canada.

It should be noted that as a result of the announcement of the Declaration this problem become the subject of consideration and attention by the Council of Europe and other international institutions. Consequently, the actions of officials in relation to the Kyiv Jewish Community Center can be another obstacle in the process of European integration of Ukraine.

According to the information of the Jewish religious community in Kyiv, which was previously conveyed by UNIAN, the construction of this Center is under threat because of the actions of the prosecutor's office in Kyiv and the Kyiv City State Administration.

Translation by Svitlana Sydorenko


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