of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations

for unity and prayer for Ukraine

Given the growing risks of disruption of peaceful life in Europe, which Russia provokes by deploying its troops near the borders of Ukraine and by continuing its destabilizing aggressive policy towards our state, the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations calls on all believers in Ukraine and in all parts of the world – regardless of their religious affiliation, language, and nationality – to make special efforts in these days to constantly pray for Ukraine and to unite in order to be prepared to give a consolidated rebuff to the Russian aggressor.

First of all, we are convinced that by the power of our common prayer, the Almighty God will not allow lawlessness to occur and will protect the Ukrainian people from the invasion: He will stop the Russian aggressor and administer His fair justice over the evil that Russia commits.

We are also confident that with God's help, the people of Ukraine will be able to cope with the current challenge, protect their statehood, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. Therefore, we urge you to especially pray for the defenders of Ukraine – men and women, as well as everyone who, through conscientious work, volunteer initiatives, and responsible citizenship, strengthens the defensive capability of our state and contributes to its further democratic progress. 

At this time, we must stand united to strengthen and develop Ukraine, not succumb to provocations of internal dissension, and seek the best leadership solutions through peaceful dialogue and constructive interaction.

We also urge you to pray for wisdom and courage for the leadership of Ukraine, Ukrainian diplomats, and our foreign allies, so that no evil intention of the Russian aggressor can be realized or stand successful.

Let us unite and preserve our faith, peace in our hearts, and confidence that the Almighty God is on the side of those who are being unfairly oppressed, and therefore these trials only strengthen us for victory!

January 26, 2022, Kyiv