of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations

on Russia's military aggression against Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters, the people of Ukraine!

Unfortunately, the efforts to prevent the outbreak of war by many people around the world, including our Council, have not been successful. There was an unprovoked attack by Russia and Belarus on Ukraine.

In these circumstances, we urge you to remain calm, not to give in to panic, and to comply with the orders of the Ukrainian state and military authorities. The truth and the international community are on the Ukrainian side. We believe that good will prevail with God's help.

We support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all our defenders, we bless them in their defense of Ukraine from the aggressor, and offer our prayers for them.

We appeal to the religious and political leaders of the world to do everything possible to stop the Russian aggressor's offensive in Ukraine.

We ask God to bless our people in this bitter time of trials.

Kyiv, 24 February 2022